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Fort Lauderdale Medical Billing

When it comes to handling Fort Lauderdale medical billing payments from patients, everyone is inconvenienced. Energy and time are spent taking care of your Fort Lauderdale medical billing necessities unnecessarily. Access IT Solutions has the cure. They offer the best solution for your Fort Lauderdale medical billing needs along with complete automation of the entire medical office's interaction between patients, providers and payors using cutting-edge systems like Tag.Link.Page.Medisoftv18.

Revolutionize the way your Fort Lauderdale medical billing department processes patient statements with newfound efficiency that will make your office more organized, saving precious time and money. Spend minutes, not hours, on the administrative tasks of medical offices. If you can use the Internet, you can review and approve documents online instantly.

With BillFlash, your Fort Lauderdale medical billing protocol will become simple, producing statements in just 5 minutes ... saving you several hours every month! Here is a breakdown of the automated billing process.

  • Create new or upload existing statement files to BillFlash through the Internet 24 X 7.
  • Statements are produced at a regionally located, state of the art processing center.
  • They mail the statements through the US Postal Service by the next business day.
  • Patients receive timely, high quality statements fast.
  • The task of managing your Fort Lauderdale medical billing process is made simple!

With almost 20 years of experience, Access IT Solutions is prepared and ready to assist you with your Fort Lauderdale medical billing needs. From scheduling patient appointments to checking them in and documenting the visit, to the storage of sensitive records, and finally submitting the claim and receiving payment using ENS, the technology that will help improve the way payment is exchanged in Fort Lauderdale medical billing. Access IT makes everyday tasks within a medical office fast and easy.

Are you concerned about losing your Fort Lauderdale medical billing data or the safety of patient records? Access IT Solutions provides an IT security assessment in order to reduce vulnerabilities and increase the safeguard of data and its transmission using RelayHealth.

Medical Billing Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Access IT Solutions is a one-stop-shop for Fort Lauderdale medical billing as well as complete automation including:

  • IT Support
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Data Storage, Backup and Recovery
  • Anytime-Anywhere Connectivity
  • VoIP tools and solutions

As an added benefit, their systems will not just make Fort Lauderdale medical billing more efficient, but they help the environment by drastically reducing the amount of paper in your office.

Call Access IT Solutions today, 1-305-671-3937 , and get rid of the headache of handling your Fort Lauderdale medical billing information all by yourself!

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