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New Medisoft® practice management promotion now in place

Promotion "steps down" the discount level as the ANSI 5010 deadline approaches

Miami, Fl., August 24, 2011 - Access IT Solutions, LLC (AITS), the Miami-based medical IT consulting and services company, alerts South Florida medical practices on a new promotion in place for McKesson's Medisoft v17 medical practice management software that "steps down" the discount level beginning August 1st and ending December 23, 2011 — as January 1st, 2012 is the deadline for full ANSI 5010 compliance.

AITS advises medical practices and medical billing companies in the area who are considering ANSI 5010 compliance, as well as current clients that are behind in the upgrading of their Medisoft® Practice Management software, that now is the time to step up and upgrade to an ANSI 5010-compliant Medisoft version, namely Medisoft® v17. To help encourage practices to take action now and to optimize upgrade scheduling, McKesson has announced the following practice management promotion that "steps down" the discount level as the deadline approaches:
  • 15% discount off Practice Management list price from August 1 through September 23, 2011
  • 7.5% discount off Practice Management list price from October 1 through December 23, 2011
  • 0% discount beginning January 1, 2012
"We hope our customers will take this opportunity to focus on upgrading to ANSI 5010 compliant product releases while the discounts are highest," said AITS president Fabio Meira. "It pays to upgrade early. If switching over to the new 10-digit NPI in 2008 was a nightmare for many South Florida and medical providers and medical billing companies, we can only anticipate the conundrum with 5010 and later, when the new ICD-10 code completely replaces the ICD-9 code set in October 2013. We are talking about dealing with 65,000 codes, not the current 16,000."

Meira finds that some providers do not understand the business impact of the 5010 enhancements: "To their disadvantage, some continue to procrastinate the updating of their practice management system. The migration from ANSI 4010 to ANSI 5010 formats is not an option, and it will definitely not happen by inserting a disk and flipping a switch on January 1st, 2012. After the actual system set up and software installation, there is a great deal of fine-tuning, training, learning and practice that must take place."

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