A powerful set of tools to enhance revenue cycle management

The Capario clearinghouse, with its extensive network of direct connections to payers nationwide, enables healthcare organizations to expedite revenue cycle processes while improving cash flow, streamlining workflow and increasing efficiency.

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Capario's clearinghouse solution contributes resources for the submission of cleaner claims, increased first-time pass-through rates, and fast, accurate payments.

  • Submit transactions in real time directly from your Medisoft system and receive direct claim submission from your Medisoft system
  • Ensure that your claims are correct before they are submitted to the payers: via claim scrubbing for payer-, specialty-, and HIPAA-specific rules.
  • Correct rejections, validate edits and resubmit, all online and in real time from a single portal
  • Secure Online Management of Patient and Colleague Communications with RelayClinical™ Communicator
  • Submit clean, electronic claims to payers nationwide
  • implify the denials management process
  • Improve Operations by Efficiently, Easily Managing Orders with RelayClinical™ Orders
  • Turn Management of Results Data into an Operational and Strategic Advantage with RelayClinical™ Results

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