A suite of services designed to increase cash flow, productivity, and automate and streamline workflows between providers and healthcare payers

ENS provides and supports a full suite of Health-e Network® services designed to increase cashflow, productivity, and automate and streamline workflows between providers and healthcare payers. ENS' services enable providers to trade all of the payer - mandated HIPAA transactions.

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ENS Services Include:

  • Sending Electronic Claims - Increase your cashflow and billing efficiency by sending claims electronically to over 1,500 insurance carriers, managed care companies, and governmental payers.
  • Electronic Claims Tracking (ECT) - Track your claims in seconds with ECT. See how this valuable tool can provide peace of mind on claims you send electronically.
  • Checking Patient Eligibility Online - Discover ways to check if your patient is insured, as well as obtain plan information, co-pay, and other valuable insurance information within seconds.
  • Electronic Patient Statements - Free-up your staff's time by converting time-consuming patient statements to a fast and efficient electronic format.
  • Online Referrals & Authorizations - Discover new ways to submit your referrals quickly and effortlessly. Eliminate hours on the phone with insurance companies by going online to conduct referrals, precertifications, and authorizations.
  • ERA & Electronic EOB - Receiving Electronic Remittace Advice (ERA) automates the payment posting process for many payers. ENS converts payer remittance to a single electronic format for your account receivable system. Electronic EOB allows authorized users to instantly access and print EOBs online for all ERA data received. ENS archives all ERA files and Electronic EOB images for your future access.

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