iOfficeHours for Medisoft - Appointment Scheduler

iOfficeHours for Medisoft, is an iPhone/iPad App designed for mobile patient scheduling. Providers can securely view, check/update and make appointments to their schedule while out of the office. They can also call and email patients from their iPhone or Droid.

iOfficeHours works with Medisoft Advanced or Network Professional version 15 and higher.

iOfficeHours for Medisoft , is an iPhone/iPad App designed to help providers view and make appointments to their schedule while out of the office.

Providers can check and update their schedule in real time using a secure connection to their office. They can also call and email their patients from their iPhone, since demographic information is included in the patient appointments.

iOfficeHours allows for unlimited iPhone/iPad access per practice, making it ideal for the
sole provider, large practice or billing service. It is easy to use and navigate.
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With iOfficeHours, providers can:

  • Securely access their schedule anywhere, anytime
  • Access all datasets
  • Add appointments from outside the office
  • Add new patients when creating a new appointment
  • Contact patients directly from the schedule

How does iOfficeHours Work?

There are two pieces of software required for iOfficeHours: an App that is downloadable from the iTunes store, and a server component that is used for communication. From the iTunes store, you can search for Medisoft or iOfficeHours, and download and install the App on your device. Initially, this will access tutorial data from a demo. The server component is sold separately. Once downloaded, the server component has an activation/registration code to unlock it, and with a simple setup and change to the iPhone or iPad settings, it will allow providers to access their own data.

iOfficeHours for Medisoft was developed and is supported by McKesson partner Twisted Technologies.

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