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MD Collect for Medisoft® is a new, automated approach to patient collections that easily and seamlessly integrates into McKesson physician practice management solutions. MD Collect is designed to thoughtfully facilitate collections while preserving the patient-practice relationship.

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Virtually overnight, MD Collect can help your practice:

Engage more patients:

  • Balance resolution should not come between you and your patients. With MD Collect, patients engage in productive conversations that result in more payments with less stress, less frustration.

Accelerate cash flow:

  • Your patients get convenient and courteous options to pay their bill by phone or online. Your practice gets more cash to your bottom line.

Reduce staff time:

  • MD Collect's automated collection routines eliminate manual processes in your practice, guiding your patients through the billing and collection cycle with consistent, thorough communication.

MD Collect allows your practice to quickly and easily choose which communication to include in your patient collection efforts:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Phone Calls
  • Phone and Online Payment Options
  • Written Notices from Your Practice
  • Collection Agency Letters
  • Collection Agency Calls

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