A two-side scanner that works seamlessly with Medisoft

The ONLY two-sided scanner for insurance cards and drivers licenses that works seamlessly with Medisoft® and launches from within the program. Streamlined, intuitive and cost-effective, it allows for printing of both sides of the card on the same side of the sheet of paper, and fast access for billers—who won't need to hunt down patient files.

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Supported on Vista and Windows 7

The TTScanner system is fully supported on Vista and Windows 7—as long as Medisoft supports the OS. The system includes software and hardware—scanner and security dongle (a small hardware device that plugs into a USB port of the PC to ensure that only authorized users can access the software application). It works successfully on Medisoft V14, V15, V16 and V17, Advanced or Network Pro. The PC must meet Medisoft hardware requirements and have 2 available USB ports, one for the scanner and one for the security dongle.
The TTScanner software can be installed on multiple computers, but will work only on the computer where the scanner and security dongle are plugged into. The scanner and dongle can be moved to different computers and will work on those to which the software has been loaded to.

Saves time and money

The TTScanner can print both sides of the scans onto one page. In fact, it will fit up to three (3) double-sided scans (six images) neatly onto one side of a sheet of paper.
Every front desk clerk in a medical office knows how often cards are left on copiers; every medical records clerk knows how often paper copies fade and discolor; every biller often has to resort to charts in order to correct PIN numbers and other info. The TTScanner saves time and money.
Would you like to see how fast the TTScanner does its work? Just click on the demo button above to watch a short video… You will be amazed by its quality and usability!

TTScanner is a product developed by Twisted Technologies.

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